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The Vision of One True Community!


          The Festival is about celebrating who the people are in our community. We continue each year with or without the needed sponsorships because the unique character of this celebration is that the community insists on self expression with collaboration from various ethnic groups coming together in the spirit of unity; volunteering their skills and talents wherever needed to ensure a beautiful day of cultural camaraderie. In essence, this extraordinary event comes together by the people for the people.
          Your support will ensure the success of our inspiration for the 2011 Festival of Unity. Our 7th Annual event continues to demonstrate the cultural richness of Lackawanna County. Every year this Festival grows in popularity because of our multi-diverse representation and family oriented atmosphere.
In past years we have provided cultural expressions of Arabian, African American, Haitian, Indonesian, Jamaican, Latino, Native Americans, Nepali Bhutanese, and Russian heritages; performed and presented by people right here in our community. This year we are reaching out to even more cultural groups anticipating increased response.
          Lackawanna County is known and appreciated for the many outstanding heritage celebrations that are unique to our area. The Festival of Unity is increasingly appreciated for its uniqueness in bringing these different cultures together under one sky for a day of fellowship; learning about and enjoying each other’s heritage.
Our mission is “To inspire social interaction of all cultures in Lackawanna County and make as our collective volition–the building of “One True Community.”

          Please consider making a donation and have your name added to our wall of contributors on our website. Any amount will be appreciated.
Cultural groups interested in performing or for sponsor and vendor information please visit our website at: or send an email to


What good is heritage celebrations if they are only going to celebrated within one heritage?