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An Inspiring Vision of One True Community!

The Vision of One True Community!

Official Unity Festival After Party

July 9th at the Colosseum

Vendor Crowds

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2010 vendor crowds

Festival of Unity: By the People, For the People!

The Annual Festival of Unity is about celebrating the people of our community.  This festival continues each year with or without the contributions of Sponsors.  The Unique character of this Unity Festival is that the people in the community come together in the spirit of harmony volunteering their skills and talents for a beautiful day of cultural food, fun, and fellowship.  In essence, for the past seven years this extraordinary event is mostly sponsored by the people for the people.

The goal of this festival is not create a target market for organizations and businesses to sell their products and services to; but rather to partner with the organizations and businesses that truly care enough about the people in the community they serve to give something back.  Thus our sponsors over the past seven years are real supporters of “One True Community” and we appreciate their continued support  and are grateful for the support of the people in our community.

It is our hope to have an exceptional celebration for the 2011 7th Annual Festival of Unity and highlight the many wonderful cultures and heritage expression within our community.  In the Spirit of Unity,  your donations are needed and appreciated to ensure our success.

“I Thank each and all of you who have participated over the years and continue to support the Festival of Unity!”—Diane V. Boone, Founder/Organizer

What good is heritage celebrations if they are only going to celebrated within one heritage?


DEADLINE: JULY 24, 2009 –   Click on the “Vendors Pay Now” Tab at the top of the page or e-mail Attn: Unity Festival, to request mail-in form.