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Brookvalley Farm Pony Rides: Fulfilling the dreams of Unity Festival goers, Brookvally Farm is providing safe pony rides for visitors from 1:00pm to 5:pm





Ceska Sankare Fasimbas

Fasimbas use Rasta Dub Roots Reggae music to spread a positive message independently oriented and as part of the Afrocentric Pan Afrikan Music scene.  Fasimbas Rasta Dub Sound is here to tell our story with WORD SOUND and POWER …  to reach our community with our message of UNITY, SELF-RELIANCE and SELF PRIDE. This means that sound systems like Fasimbas exist in a world without advertising campaigns, media exposure and hype.  It can seem abnormal for many of us raised on the business practives of “American idols” or “Dancing with Stars” of pop and rock.  Our mission is to reach, musically, the real people. 

 Ceska is 45 years old, born in Mali.  His mother was a journalist, his father an economist.  Both worked for African unity.  His father had met Barack Obama’s father in the early 80s.  He grew up in France and Austria, has a baccalaureate in philosophy and language.  After studying sociology for a few years, he went back to Africa in 1988 (Ethiopia, Liberia, Senegal).  In 1991, the wars in Ethiopia and Liberia forced him to join his mother in Baltimore/Washington DC.  He is married and has a young child.  He is currently working as a dub artist and with the Ancestors’ Village troupe.  He says he will perform anywhere where there is an audience interested in uplifting African culture.  See the attached video, which is an introduction to who they are.  It is a “home movie” so is not high quality video, but It gives a background 





Scranton’s Own: Guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Spady has been credited with taking blues to new and exciting levels with his introspective, autobiographical lyrics and blues style which is revered and praised around the world.





Wally and the Paupacks

Wally and the Paupacks formed in the early spring of 2007 during a chance meeting by Fred Garvin and Noodles. A Local Music Showcase brought them together and after finding they shared roots in the Long Island music scene, they quickly decided to form a band.Noodles was a founding member of NY’s Sorethumb – one of Long Island’s most successful working bands. He has worked with many top studio producers/engineers: Mick Jones of Foreigner, Gary Lyons (Greatful Dead), Steve Rinkoff (Meatloaf), Rob Eaton (Jimmy Buffett) to name a few, and was musical director for Rick Virga & All The King’s Men, NY’s #1 Elvis Tribute show which performed on Broadway. Fred has performed with bands such as Wired, The Dave Payton Band and Vision and has done extensive session work at NY’s Record Plant. Jeremy, referred to as the “young kid from Scranton” has performed with such bands as greyladydown and Alien Red. He and Noodles are the key songwriters for Wally. The three started rehearsing a few times a week and formed the foundation of the band. More recently they added bassist Rob Xtd, a veteran bass player in rock and tribute bands such as the world traveling Rolling Stones tributes Sticky Fingers and Hot Rocks.


Beledi Dance Theatre Inc.
Traditional  and Avant-Garde
DianaShahein/artistic director   

The Beledi Dance Theatre

  Dances of Egypt and  the Near East  

The students of the Beledi Dance Theatre under the direction of Diana Shahein will present ethnic dances from Egypt and the Middle East.   For more information contact;   570 343 2033  

Lotus Fire Belly Dancers 

Lotus Fire Belly Dancers

Lotus Fire is a versatile duo available for weddings, birthday parties and community events. Traditional and modern elements appear in the music, props and costumes that we choose. We are a great fit for any setting from small gatherings to night clubs. We specialize in the use of fire props, which are add great excitement in the evening.  

Formed in 2008, Dahlia and Kali have been delighting audiences at weddings, community events, night clubs and birthday parties. Each have their own distinct background in dance but have come together to create Lotus Fire.  

Frank Littlebear - First Nation Tribal Liaison


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  1. We are a local family owned business that does horse drawn wagon/carriage and pony rides. I think our services can add an unique aspect to your event. I gauranteee that kids of all ages will find our services both fun and educational. We are fully insured and licensed to work in Scranton. You can check us out at If you think as I do that our services would provide something different and exciting we can meet to discuss the different packages we have availble for the Unity Festival.

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