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Diane V. Boone, Founder/Organizer: "Remember that we (each of us) share this space and time together on this planet. 100 years from now it will be other people, other lives, filling the role of humanity and we will only be a part of the annals of time. Whether we make something of this time we share…together or separately is totally up to us. I choose to make something together…The Festival of Unity!"

The True Community Festival!


This multicultural celebration continues to demonstrate the rich diversity of people in the communities of Northeast Pennsylvania and more specifically Lackawanna County.  Every year this festival grows in popularity because of our multi-ethnic representation and family oriented atmosphere that has attracted thousands of visitors and vendors from as far as New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

CONTINUOUS Family Entertainment:   The festival is marked by Guest Speakers; continuous entertainment provided by local and featured performers, step teams, cultural dance troupes; games, arts & crafts by local artisans, unique merchandise; and exemplified by the aromas of delicious ethnic cuisines served by our host of cultural food vendors.

MORE for families—Non-Profit organizations and educational exhibitors from around Lackawanna County demonstrate services and share information about their programs available to the community. Families meet face to face, the people who work hard to provide a better quality of life in Northeast Pennsylvania and spend the day learning about the many cultures and opportunities in the community where they live.

The Annual Festival brings people of different backgrounds and ethnicities together for a day of sharing their unique traditions and heritages with their community thereby developing lasting friendships and social camaraderie.



“To inspire social interaction of all cultures in our community and make as our collective volition–the building of “One True Community.”




To celebrate the people of merging and traditional cultures in our area; promote multicultural fellowship within the community; and assist the diversity iniatives of businesses, organizations, and institutions that enrich the families of our region.

The Unity Festival was created to:

Ø Promote awareness of services and opportunities available that enhance the quality of life in the community.

Ø Familiarize local residents, businesses and organizations with the expressions of merging ethnic cultures in our community.

Ø Contribute to the heritage celebrations that are unique to Lackawanna County.


The design and format of the festival encourages the attendance of families who are attracted by the positive, educational, and cultural experiences in a safe, outdoor environment.  Activities are choreographed for all ages and diversities, bringing together a “community happening” – indeed this is the “True Community Festival of Northeast Pennsylvania.”



In past years we have provided cultural expressions of Arabian, African American, Haitian, Indonesian, Jamaican, Latino, Native Americans, Nepali Bhutanese, and Russian heritages; performed or presented by people right here in our community.  This year we are reaching out to even more cultural groups anticipating increased response.


Lackawanna County is known and appreciated for the many outstanding heritage celebrations that are unique to our area.  The Festival of Unity is increasingly appreciated for its uniqueness in bringing these different cultures together under one sky for a day of fellowship; learning about and enjoying each other’s heritage.



This intimate community event successfully began in 2005 in celebration of Melanian News bridging the gap to the merging cultures in Northeast Pennsylvania.  It is our hope to continue it each year as an integral part of the unique heritage celebrations throughout our area.  The festival is free to the public and all proceeds cover event expenses, planning, and community initiatives that improve the quality of life in NEPA.

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  1. Hello,

    I received your email today. I have replied a few times, but you may have not received anything. We are looking forward to performing in this years festival, but I need all the details.

    Please email me at

    when you can.



  2. The mission of the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania is to advance, protect, and advocate for the human, civil, and legal rights of Pennsylvanians with disabilities.
    Disability Rights Network is a non-profit organization. We are interested in manning a table to supply information, brochures etc to the participants of the festival.
    VISION STATEMENT: The Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania’s vision is that all Pennsylvanians with disabilities are empowered with opportunities and choices, are valued members of their communities fully included in all aspects of community life having access to quality education, employment opportunities, and housing options living free from abuse, neglect and discrimination.

  3. Ruth Corcoran

    Have questions regarding this years festival and can’t find any info to contact anyone. You can call me at 570.472.0365 or email me.

  4. I was interested to know if there was a EMS team on site that you have booked. If not maybe we can help. please contact me if me and my team can assist

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